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My Tracks is an app for athletes to record the path, speed, distance, and elevation of a given walk, run, bicycle run, or any other outdoors activity in which moving from one place to another is involved. As it records, you can see the data live, introduce notes regarding your route, and even listen to comments on your progress.

The application comes with a series of social functions that lets you instantly share all of the information using the most popular social networks such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter.

As you use the application it saves a complete record of all your tracks, letting you then see an overview of which ones you did driving a car, running, on a bike, walking, skiing...and of course, on what date you did each.

My Tracks is an amazing tool for athletes because they'll now be able to easily register all of their outdoors training sessions. You can thus try to outdo yourself every time you go out to run or ride a bike.
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